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B I R D  P H O T O G R A P H Y / 

Bird Photography, while very frustrating, has led me to an interest in ornithology. This is also a great hobby since it can be done anywhere in the world, and it is slightly different in each country. For me there will always be a never ending number of bird species to explore, although we know that the number of species in the world is finite and ever decreasing. Having been part of the birding community I know many members whose life dream it is to see all the birds on a specific continent and spend large amounts of time and money in trying to achieve this. I have however never met anyone that has accomplished this feat. I would personally prefer to just incorporate some birding into any travel that I do.  I would rather travel the world and just enjoy and experience the birds that I happen to see and photograph. I have many pictures of a large number of species of birds (close to 1000 different species world wide). Of those I have only selected my favorites for this website. I hope you enjoy them and that they also waken an interest in bird watching in you as they have in me.

The flags at the top of page in the submenus of each section reflect the different countries where the images shown have  been taken. 

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