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N I G H T  S K Y  P H O T O G R A P H Y / Germany / Australia / Malaysia

Night Sky Photography is probably one of the most time consuming styles of photography. I was fortunate to be able to take a workshop while I was in Australia with a group of Astrophotographers. They took us out to one of the darker sky areas outside of the Melbourne suburbs. Once we arrived we were shown how to create the ideal exposure with the ideal focal length (tip, wide angle lenses work much better than zoom lenses), and then stack 200-400 shots in a special stacking software used to create star trails. We also learned to use red lights to move around the area we were photographing since they had the lowest impact on our images. This course was really fun, and we were out past midnight trying things out. Once we had located the Southern pole spot in the sky we set up our cameras and selected continuous photos until it started getting light or until the card or battery were full (tip: In the Northern hemisphere center the image on the Northerlies Star). If you do not center the image on the proper pole, you will not get the nice circular start trails. 

In addition to the night sky, shooting fireworks can also provide great images. This is especially true when you can use a nice well lite building in the foreground. New years is always a good time to shoot fireworks.


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