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M A C R O:

This tab currently only has one submenu "Macro/Insects" which for a while was also a photography technique that I was interested in. The beauty of photography is that there is so much to see and photograph and there are so many different styles to master, that this is a hobby that one can spend a lifetime pursuing. While I have not practiced this form of photography in a while, I am sure I will be back to try some new subjects in the near future.

Macro/Insects: is another photography technique that is very interesting. When one shoots with a macro lens it is possible to get very close to the subject and see details that are normally not noticeable. Since Photography is always evolving, I also saw recently that one can do macro photography with special filters attached to more traditional lenses still allowing the focus distance to be quite small. I enjoy marco immensely, but it can be quite frustrating when it is done outside in nature. By virtue of being so close to the subject and having a very shallow depth of field, any little movement such as a slight breeze can be enough to put your image out of focus.  For some items you can bring them inside and use a clamp to hold them still, the shallow depth of field allows you to blur out the background of your house, but for the more interesting subjects such as insects this becomes more difficult. I don't like to over stress any living being, so I am not willing to catch something and either glue it down, or as I have heard, stick it in the freezer to put them in a stupor to slow them down. All of my insect shots were taken using a tripod and a macro lens. I then use the continuous shooting mode to get the one shot that is not blurred due to any motion of the insect or the wind.

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