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Ocean Fish & Turtles / French Polynesia / Galapagos / Australia


These photos were all taken with a simple underwater housing box that can be used for a point and shoot style camera. I have tried a few models starting our with the small underwater cameras sold for underwater photography from both Lumix, and Olympus (2010-2015 vintage). For the dedicated underwater point and shoot cameras I found that there were two holdbacks that I did not like. The lack of zoom ability, and the bigger issue was that somehow I would always get water condensation between the outer glass and the lens glass. This later issue was a real problem since when you are snorkeling in the tropics the temp difference between the water and the ambient air can be substantial and if the space between the two pieces of glass is not purged condensation will occur.

In about 2015 I purchased a Canon PowerShot G15 bridge camera which is is a point and shoot camera with a lens that comes out of the housing and with some features and settings more in line with common DSLR cameras. While this camera is not water proof, you can buy an affordable housing for it that is not too big. Using this system I have eliminated the problems with the condensation, I can use the G15 for other uses other than underwater photography, and for snorking the camera even has a "fish" mode that acts as a red filter which can also be bought for the housing (I rarely use mine since the "fish" mode is adequate).  Most of the underwater pictures below have been taken using this relatively inexpensive setup.

Some of the more playful interactions underwater have been with sea lions which at one point in the Galapagos almost made off with my camera. Fortunately I had the lanyard around my wrist. This failed attempt at stealing my camera did not stop them from tugging on my fins as I swam with them.

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