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S T R E E T  P H O T O G R A P H Y / Argentina / California / Netherlands / Hawaii / Germany / Australia 

Street Photography is a type of photography where you take candide photos of complete strangers in an effort to capture their essence. You want to be as unobtrusive as possible to keep the shots candid. However some photographers like to get up real close and personal and will get some awesome candid portraits . This involves confidence and the ability to make a connection with the subject before being able to take their image. This is probably the most difficult form of photography for me since while I like to watch people, I am not very confident in taking quick meaningful photos of people that tell a story. It is an uncomfortable style since I always feel like I am stealing an unguarded moment from complete strangers. While it completely legal to take someone's photo in public, it can lead to a confrontation with some prickly individuals. I do like the style since it is almost like a time capsule of a moment in history and it can really show the character of the subject.

I have added a few shots that I like that I have taken which tell a story.
Hawaii Flag.jpg
German Flag.jpg
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