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W I L D L I F E  P H O T O G R A P H Y /
Like bird Photography, wildlife photography can be very frustrating. The main difference is that the animals tend to be a lot bigger and consequently easier to spot/photograph. In my experience the easiest places to see a large variety of wildlife has been in Africa. The large national parks tend to have a great number and variety of big cats, antelope type animals, elephants and giraffes. The southern countries in Africa have also fully embraced the idea of eco-tourism and consequently have a large number of safari outfits, guides, and large 4 wheel drive vehicles to take tourists around. While I have primarily focused on Africa, America, Europe and Australia, for my animal photos, I know I am missing a large region of Asia where animals can also be viewed. 

The submenus here will provide you with a sample of my favorite animals that I have seen while traveling the globe. My wife and I tend to focus on nature on our travels so we usually combine birds, animals, reptiles as our main focus. To me it is a real privilege to see animals in their natural environment and I always enjoy both watching and photographing them. The flags at the top of page in the submenus of each section reflect the different countries where the images shown have  been taken




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