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L I G H T  P A I N T I N G  / California / Hawaii / Uganda / Mexico / Australia

As mentioned before, night photography is probably one of my favorite types of photography. A subgroup of night photography involves the use of a distinct light source to illuminate or to brighten up the foreground or certain features that would otherwise be too dark to see. In this section you will see a combination of long exposures for the night sky and star trails combined with long exposures of other subjects where a distinct light source like a flashlight is used to illuminate other subjects in the photo, or to creat light images. This is a very creative aspect of photography since you want to be able to create these high images without leaving any shadows or ghost images of the person making them. 
The images on this page are a selection of my favorites that are a combination of "special effects" and basic night landscape images. All the images of the light balls and glowing light lines were made by lighting steel wool on fire and swinging it around on a piece to string.

Hawaii Flag.jpg

Click on the image to increase to full size.

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