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N I G H T  C I T Y S C A P E S / Hawaii / California / Finland / Germany / Czech Republic / Australia / Singapore




German Flag.jpg

Night Photography is probably one of my favorite types of photography. Being a very visual person l love seeing the lights, while the surrounding darkness draws ones focus even more toward the lights. Taking photos in the dark can be frustrating since a lot of it is trial and error, No other photography in my opinion is more meditative that night photograph since usually all the distractions of life melt away when one is in the dark. I find that taking pictures at night of a city or vacation accommodation always provides one with a different look and feel than all the other pictures one sees. Places always tend to look more pristine and the city lights at night can really provide you with the vibe and feeling of a new location.

In this section I have selected a few of my favorite night cityscapes and landscapes.

Hawaii Flag.jpg

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