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S T R E E T  A R T / Australia / Germany 

There are a lot of talented artists in the metro areas of big cities. While going out to shoot cityscapes I have from time to time run into special areas in the city where street art thrives. In Melbourne there is Flinders Street and a few streets close to the Flinders train station in the CBD. In these areas artists are permitted to express themselves on the sides of certain buildings. While there is a lot of graffiti and tagging going on amongst the street art,  there are also often some pretty intricate pieces of urban art. These sections show the soul and history of the city and country.  The street art also changes from time to time, so it is well worth visiting the same places over and over. On this page, I am sharing some of the more interesting art pieces that I have run across while traveling through cities such as Melbourne.

Another interesting site to visit for Street art is the Berlin Wall. Before the Wall was torn down in certain sections, artist from all over the world were invited to paint sections of the wall in an expressions of freedom. Amongst the messages are of Love, but some messages are of the tragedy that befell the people trying to get over the wall to the lure of freedom in the west. 
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